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The Rite Concept

 so your products, services, and brand

marketing communications succeed in the market

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If you need a concept fast, we can take you from “nothing” to a winning concept in as few as 5 days!


The Rite Concept partners with companies of all sizes to help create brand, business, product and service concepts that win in the market with our customized process.  For each project, we can bring any combination of qualitative and quantitative expertise,  ideation facilitation, and unmatched concept writing expertise.


Unlike other suppliers, The Rite Concept can actually teach and coach your team to write winning concepts as part of the process or can teach a workshop as a stand-alone, training program.   We  teach individuals with one-on-one coaching to improve  concepts before testing, provide other training resources in our store, and offer periodic concept training teleseminars.  


 Why trust this critical marketing component to anyone else?  Afterall, we wrote the book!


Martha Guidry, The Principal, is also available for speaking opportunities.


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CHECK OUT – The VISUAL Introduction to Marketing Concepts that Win!

As a fun, visual companion to the original book, Marketing Concepts that Win!, the pictogram version is chockfull of proven tips and tricks that propel your ideas to marketplace success. Since writing concepts is both an art and a science, this new visual edition will remind you of all the key concepts.

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