Concept Crisis: How to Fix “Broken” Concepts

Concept crisis


Sometimes the junior marketing person and/or the researcher gets stuck with some lackluster marketing stimuli to test. This situation can be particularly problematic when it comes to writing and evaluating marketing concepts.  In this podcast, the researcher or consultant can gain enhanced concept knowledge and helpful strategies to employ to help get their client to a better place BEFORE the research occurs.  This podcast is specifically helpful for a researcher or consultant to:

  • Brush up on your concept writing skills and the structure of a winning concept
  • Learn how to better evaluate a concept
  • Understand the typical pitfalls in positioning concepts
  • Learn ways you can address these problems with smart qualitative research and the right research partner

Run Time:  Approximately 90 Minutes

Price:  $6.99

  For Instant Download of the Podcast

  For Instant Download of the Handouts for $4.99

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