Right Message Can Save $$

Getting your marketing concept right means you can communicate the right message to your target audience and stretch your marketing dollar further.  Here are 6 tips that a small business should keep in mind to make every marketing dollar count.

  1. Get feedback from your customer – It is imperative that any marketing effort be grounded in the knowledge of your target audience.  This can be done formally with a quantitative or qualitative study, or informally just by asking customers about their experience either when calling in orders, stopping in your business, or having a cup of coffee with you 10 largest customers.  You need to understand what you are doing well and where there are opportunities to improve.  All the marketing in the world will be ineffective if it doesn’t provide an excellent customer experience.
  2. Get your message right – Every business or brand needs a powerful concept.  You need to make sure you have created a unique and ownable concept upon which your product or service delivers.  This is the cornerstone of all communications and should be consistent across all media vehicles.  Your business needs to be positioned in an area that will give you the most marketplace traction.
  3. Update your website – Make sure you website is up to par and professional.   It must clearly communicates your primary message (#2).   A website is easily updated and requires no printing, distribution or warehousing.  Make sure it is user-friendly and clearly communicates how to contact your business.
  4. Use Word of Mouth advertising – Find your talkers and give them something to talk about.  The best thing you can do for a business is create some buzz.  Referral business is “pre-endorsed” and has a much higher chance of conversion to sale.  Create some deal that creates a bit of excitement – buy one, get one or a monthly giveaway of something of value related to your business.   
  5. Leverage the power of free PR – The media is always looking for stories.  If you enjoy writing, then author a generic article about something in your industry to submit.  Most publishers will give you a credit line and a website URL/email address.  This information can be repurposed to blogs, social networking groups, or other media stories.  Look at a site like www.HARO.com (Help a reporter out) which provides twice a day updates on stories the media is looking for some expertise.
  6. Engage in partnerships or informal joint ventures – Find a partner in a related business, but not a direct competitor, who will endorse your business.  If you are in the paper recycling business, find a producer of boxes who might mention you as a source.  And you reciprocate by doing the same.

This should be a great starting point….so what are you waiting for?  Pick one and start working on it today!



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