T’was the Day Before Concept Testing

The Concept Queen version of the classic – T’was the Night Before Christmas 

‘Twas the day before concept testing

And all through the brand

Not a creature was stirring,

Not even the main (wo)man.

The screener was finished,

The recruit had begun,

With hopes of creating concepts,

That were second to none.

The team was excited,

And snug in the choice,

When picking a consultant,

Just one name was voiced.


Had created the guide

The brand team was confident

That she’s on their side

When out in the focus room,

There arose such a clatter,

Clients sprang from their chairs

To see what was the matter

Away to the mirror,

They flew like a flash,

Tossed the M&Ms aside

So they landed – crash!

In the room, all were seated

Energy buzzed from inside

Giving the client a sense

They were in for a ride.

When what to their wondering

Eyes should appear,

But eight excited respondents,

Through, there were no reindeer.

With a charismatic consultant

So quick, lively and free

There were truly so happy


More rapid than lightening,

Through the concepts she did blaze,

It was so efficient and fun

Clients’ eyes whirled in a haze.

Now Benefits! Now ACBs!

Now RTBs, and Headlines

On Wrap Ups! On Images

OK, now let’s just go rank ’em!

From the top of the guide,

To the end of all groups,

She gathered great learning,

As if jumping through hoops.

In then, in a twinkling

From the room, clients did hear

The lead concepts they needed

So they had nothing to fear.

She was dressed kind of funky

From her head to her toes

Where she got the great earrings,

No one really does know.

A big stack of concepts

She had by her side

She gathered all the learning

Taking everything in stride.

Her eyes, how they twinkled

Her attitude so merry.

The respondents were helpful

The discussion did carry.

She develops concept with ease

Like some magical elf,

I laughed when I kept thinking

I could do this myself!

A wink of her eye and

A twist of her head,

Soon gave me to know

I had nothing to dread.

She listened to each word

And went straight to her work

She could tweak any concept

Then turned with a jerk.

And laying a finger

Aside of my chin

I knew hiring THE RITE CONCEPT

Was always a WIN!

She sprang from her chair,

To the team, gave a snap –

Led a terrific debrief –

Then called it a wrap.

But I heard her exclaim

Ere she drove out of sight

“Always think THE RITE CONCEPT”

Get all your concepts just RIGHT!

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