What’s the Fuzzy Front-End?

As a professional involved in concept development I am amazed at amount of literature and conference brochures that pass my desk that have some emphasis on the “Fuzzy Front End” (or FFE). So what exactly is the FFE and what does this mean to my concept development? I basically view the FFE as the beginning of the development process for any product or service.

We feel liberated in the FFE because an idea is filled with endless possibilities – it has no confines or constraints and hasn’t been jaded or constricted by “reality”. The FFE thrives on relaxed efforts and embraces the novel and unusual so, as business professionals, we often relish this unusual lack of standardization. Of course, the real challenge is embracing these ideas and turning them into a business marketing proposition. Unfortunately, many clients can become almost paralyzed in the freedom to explore and aren’t able to move the ideas forward. Even worse, someone on the team falls in love with a “lousy” idea and it gets pushed forward and developed and fails miserably in market because it never went through the appropriate filters.

So that’s where business professionals like myself (and others) can be a lot of help to you. I am in the business of helping you learn from a customer point of view what you can possibly do with that idea nugget. Trained professionals can help you put a string on that “idea kite” and help you generate productive ideas to solve your customer challenges. We can help you generate, measure, and cull the poor ideas to help you identify and craft a winning concept.

Don’t think you need to take the burden on yourself just to save a little money. Your career probably looks brighter if you develop a “killer” idea and successfully launch it in the market. Consider partnering with key alliances who can help you and your team reach a winning place.

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