If you have a company, a brand, a product, or a service you need to stand out in order to make headway in the overcrowded market.   Marketing is all about creating that message which will accomplish this goal.  Now, the question becomes, “do I create a UVP, a USP, a positioning, or all-of-the-above for my offering?” Let’s define the terms first.  Based on everything I researched, these...

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The FrankenConcept Video

Listen to this and learn how to tell if you’ve created the notorious FrankenConcept! Click HERE to Watch Please feel free to post a link to your Facebook or LinkedIn page, blog or website from the YouTube Post – if you like it! Also, please add a comment on...

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F.O.C.U.S. I.T. for Great ACBs

The ACB communicates the unmet need or frustration that your target consumer feels. It provides a fundamental context for the entire concept. Get it wrong and the concept becomes confusing and irrelevant. Get it right and the concept will flow forward effortlessly. Of course, this forward flow also assumes that your benefit and reason to believe (RTB) provide the solution and information required...

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