Small Business

What’s Your Marketing “Sweet Spot?”

Most of us hear the idea of a “sweet spot” as it relates to sports, which have some type of implement – tennis racquet, golf club, baseball bat, etc.   The “sweet spot” is defined as the place where a combination of factors results in maximum response for a given amount of effort. For athletes, repeatedly hitting this area helps them to excel and often win in their sport. However, for...

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If you have a company, a brand, a product, or a service you need to stand out in order to make headway in the overcrowded market.   Marketing is all about creating that message which will accomplish this goal.  Now, the question becomes, “do I create a UVP, a USP, a positioning, or all-of-the-above for my offering?” Let’s define the terms first.  Based on everything I researched, these...

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Right Message Can Save $$

Getting your marketing concept right means you can communicate the right message to your target audience and stretch your marketing dollar further.  Here are 6 tips that a small business should keep in mind to make every marketing dollar count. Get feedback from your customer – It is imperative that any marketing effort be grounded in the knowledge of your target audience.  This can be done...

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