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New Lunchtime Training Starts 2/14/14

We are offering our popular teleseminar series for the first time as a lunchtime class so you can fit it into your work day.  Don’t worry, if you miss a class, you’ll receive a recording to listen to later. I’d like to have you discover what I’ve learned with a lot less painful trial and error.  I’ve created a step-by-step, fool-proof system to develop and write clear and...

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Sign Up for AMA Webcast on 1/24/14

WEBINAR Concept Testing:  How to Nurture a Concept to Success Instead of the “Quick Kill” Martha Guidry will be doing a webcast for AMA on 1/24/14 at 1pm ET. Click HERE to register A traditional concept test is often used to predict the success of a new product or service idea before going to market.  Unfortunately, many really novel concepts would have not been well received if...

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Visual Way to Develop Concepts

Here’s a concept writing process flow map that is part of my new eBook – The Visual Introduction to Marketing Concepts That Win!  You can get the instant download of the entire book here:...

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Marketing Concept Development Map

Hit the “read more” button to see the graphic.            

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“Ideas to Go” Uses TRC Approach

  I recently received the May 2013 addition of the Ideas to Go eNewsletter.  I was thrilled to see that the company completely embraces everything I talk about my book, Marketing Concepts that Win!  I have to say it was also nice to see the article written by my former colleague at Hasbro Toys, Susan Robertson.  Of course, that was many years ago (we were VERY young), but Susan and I saw...

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Speaking at IFT Show in Chicago


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