Visual Way to Develop Concepts

Here’s a concept writing process flow map that is part of my new eBook – The Visual Introduction to Marketing Concepts That Win!  You can get the instant download of the entire book here:       

“Ideas to Go” Uses TRC Approach

  I recently received the May 2013 addition of the Ideas to Go eNewsletter.  I was thrilled to see that the company completely embraces everything I talk about my book, Marketing Concepts that Win!  I have to say it was also nice to see the article written by my former colleague at Hasbro Toys, Susan Robertson.  Of course, that was …

AMA Podcast Features Martha

Martha Guidry is featured in a new AMA podcast called “Crafting a Winning Marketing Concept.”  In the interview, she explains about the importance of a positioning concept and how it differs from a core concept.  Also, she speaks about critical components of a winning positioning and the importance of target audience feedback.  Click <HERE>.

The Concept Queen caricature

Thanks to Ryan Rhoads at I have this nifty illustration of “The Concept Queen”

The 10 Minute Concept Clinic

Martha Guidry, from The Rite Concept, shares a quick overview to help marketers and market researchers become smarter at concept development and writing.  More information available in her book Click here  

Concept Queen Speaks at Food Show

The Concept Queen spoke to a packed audience at the International Food & Wine Show in Chicago.  The topic  was the 9 Pitfalls in Food Concept Development.    I got lucky; I was supposed to speak at the same time as Bill Clinton, the keynote.  His plane was an hour late so he didn’t even start until after my presentation.  The …