Personal Branding & Concepts

Taking corporate marketing ideas and putting them to work for you own personal brand

What’s Your Marketing “Sweet Spot?”

Most of us hear the idea of a “sweet spot” as it relates to sports, which have some type of implement – tennis racquet, golf club, baseball bat, etc.   The “sweet spot” is defined as the place where a combination of factors results in maximum response for a given amount of effort. For athletes, repeatedly hitting this area helps them to excel and often win in their sport. However, for...

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Why are you “The Concept Queen”?

  I get asked about my “handle” all the time, so I made a video so you all know! What’s the Concept Queen all...

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Do You Have a Personal Concept?

So you go to a party and introduce yourself to others and what do they tell you?  Here’s an example of what I’ve heard: I’m a realtor. I do marketing for an engineering company. I’m in technical sales. I do market research. I am a stay at home mom . . . Well, yawn!  I have to say that these must be the most boring ways to define oneself.  None of us are just functions, and, if we...

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