Market Research

Different ways to use research to develop new concepts.

Do Concept Heat Maps Help?

I can’t tell you how many vendors try to sell the new “best” way to test a concept.  It seems like everyone has a proprietary approach they often tout as the “next best thing since sliced bread.”  Regardless of your vendor, you likely want to know one or all of the following answers: relative appeal, perceived value/expensiveness, purchase intent, relevance, and...

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Nurture a Concept to Success

If we only had a crystal ball, it would be a lot easier to develop winning concepts.  We’d simply just take a peak and voilà, a great idea would appear.  Unfortunately, many marketers and market researchers try to use their concept test as a crystal ball to be predictive of appeal and success.  The test becomes the gate for a pass/fail result with the hope that one approach is a winner. ...

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Iterative Focus Groups

All marketers seem to be under incredible pressure to get their product or service “out the door” quickly and of course, well-tested and positioned for success. The challenge for many is doing all the necessary qualification steps in the allocated time. Perhaps, you should consider adding iterative focus groups to your arsenal of qualification “tricks”. So, what are...

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Better Concepts with Hybrid Research

We often forget that qualitative market research is so much more than just focus groups. So often I receive calls to do groups, when other approaches could provide a much richer context and a more creative canvas on which to insight mine for a new positioning or product idea. The next time you think you might need just a focus group perhaps it is worth your time to entertain the notion of a...

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Be a Better Researcher for Your Client

The field of qualitative research attracts individuals from many walks of life. Some moderators actually study market research, but many others come from diverse fields such as psychology, sociology, anthropology and marketing. These different points of origin mean that the moderator picked for a particular study may bring a unique point of view or approach to a research challenge. When...

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Can Anyone Moderate?

I recently attended a conference on the front end of innovation. Although I found much of the information presented to be quite interesting, I was shocked and horrified to hear a presenter state “Focus groups are a technique of the 60’s and 70’s”. This woman went on to say that she “trains” clients all the time to conduct interviews with their customers to...

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