Biz Concepts & Challenges

Discussion on difficulties faced when developing concepts

The Fixer-Upper Concept

Writing a winning concept can be tough. When you read a good concept, it is easy to say “I could have written that,” but trust me, I’ve worked with many teams over the years and creating a simple, single-minded communication is not an easy task. Interestingly, I just read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers. In his book, he highlights that 10,000 hours of practice are required for someone...

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Do Concept Heat Maps Help?

I can’t tell you how many vendors try to sell the new “best” way to test a concept.  It seems like everyone has a proprietary approach they often tout as the “next best thing since sliced bread.”  Regardless of your vendor, you likely want to know one or all of the following answers: relative appeal, perceived value/expensiveness, purchase intent, relevance, and...

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F.O.C.U.S. I.T. for Great ACBs

The ACB communicates the unmet need or frustration that your target consumer feels. It provides a fundamental context for the entire concept. Get it wrong and the concept becomes confusing and irrelevant. Get it right and the concept will flow forward effortlessly. Of course, this forward flow also assumes that your benefit and reason to believe (RTB) provide the solution and information required...

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Nurture a Concept to Success

If we only had a crystal ball, it would be a lot easier to develop winning concepts.  We’d simply just take a peak and voilà, a great idea would appear.  Unfortunately, many marketers and market researchers try to use their concept test as a crystal ball to be predictive of appeal and success.  The test becomes the gate for a pass/fail result with the hope that one approach is a winner. ...

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Rethink Your Business Positioning

While I have never owned a jewelry store, I have certainly shopped in them.  What always strikes me as odd is how generic the experience is from store to store.   When I go to Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, and Kohl’s, I expect a different sales experience, a different price tag, and different merchandise.  Similarly, a steak from Ruth’s Chris should be somewhat different than...

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“Ideas to Go” Uses TRC Approach

  I recently received the May 2013 addition of the Ideas to Go eNewsletter.  I was thrilled to see that the company completely embraces everything I talk about my book, Marketing Concepts that Win!  I have to say it was also nice to see the article written by my former colleague at Hasbro Toys, Susan Robertson.  Of course, that was many years ago (we were VERY young), but Susan and I saw...

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