New Lunchtime Training Starts 2/14/14

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We are offering our popular teleseminar series for the first time as a lunchtime class so you can fit it into your work day.  Don’t worry, if you miss a class, you’ll receive a recording to listen to later.

I’d like to have you discover what I’ve learned with a lot less painful trial and error.  I’ve created a step-by-step, fool-proof system to develop and write clear and effective marketing concepts, a system that allows you to:

  • Save time with proven templates for writing concepts,
  • Keep your ideas single-minded, so creating a useable communication strategy is practically effortless,
  • Dramatically improve your efficiency in terms of identifying meaningful benefits for your target audience,
  • Focus only on those features that genuinely motivate your buyer and support your product promise, not on every single feature that your product or service can offer, and
  • Find and own sufficient “white space” in the market with your offering.

What are you waiting for?

Click here to find out more details.

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