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Concept Testing:  How to Nurture a Concept to Success Instead of the “Quick Kill”

Martha Guidry will be doing a webcast for AMA on 1/24/14 at 1pm ET.

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A traditional concept test is often used to predict the success of a new product or service idea before going to market.  Unfortunately, many really novel concepts would have not been well received if subjected to the typical “go/no go” quant test.  Think about some of the things we use today, that were not immediately embraced:  ATMs, electronic books, 5 day medications that last for 10 days, etc.  Instead, the researcher must think beyond the typical “test” to the broader scope of concept development – a process rather than a hurdle.  When done right, concept development is a very powerful and insightful process that can save millions of dollars in some cases (remember “new Coke” or the “Adidas Shackle Sneaker”?).

Join Martha Guidry, The Concept Queen, to explore this fertile territory where the market researcher can play a critical leadership role by helping to develop a creative process to build possibilities, rather than just evaluate output.  The development process should be a highly organized process covering elements such as market assessment, creating a core concept, identifying issues that might hinder success, creating positioning concepts, finding the best target audience, and picking researchers who can actually assist in the process with the right skill set.   You will return to the office outfitted with the knowledge to help your marketers excel in developing concepts. This information packed presentation is sure to help you rethink your process and add much insight into your “concept testing” so you, too, can create marketing concepts that win!


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